Monday, May 4, 2009

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THis little Irish lass is going to the Motherland.

Gear it up! Here I come! 2011, baby! So Bonnie has inspired me to keep up with my blog and dedicate it to Ireland.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thing 22: Staying Current

I think that the best way for me to stay current is to attend NEFLIN classes and Webinars. I'm not trying to patronize the very organiztation instituting this program, but I just don't see myself following all the different tools that were provided in this Thing when I have live assistance and hands-on programs. True, our travel budget has taken a hit, but Webinars are still possible. In addition to this, I find that our Technical Services consists of very knowledgable employees with whom I can discuss new tools and 2.0, etc.

As far as recommending a way to keep up, my suggestion is not a tool but a practice; do not close your mind to what technology has to offer...try it, and if it does not appeal to you, move on. This way, you are familiar with it and you can therefore contribute to your workplace in this regard.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thing 21 Students 2.0

I have definitely evolved from being the student-type to being the educator-type. If I was a student, I think I'd see this is just another assignment that my teachers gave me to get the assignment done, and I'd probably pass it off for my extracurriculars. With undergrad and library sciences behind me, I catch myself wishing I had a tool like this to walk me through my research when I was in college, even better...when I was in high school.

I think that if students are actually willing to give this tool a chance, it would -at the very least - eliminate anxiety over researching, writing papers, an citing sources. The element that I will definitely promote most is the fact that "Research Project Calendar" offers a variety of "Style Manual" tools ( ) under their "Glossary of Terms" link. That link has other tools that are also extremely helpful, and I wish I had that in high school AND college. I also wish I had teachers who wold have taught me had to use such terrific tools.

I really appreciate the fact that you can set up your activities and programs on one of these tools and include your e-mail address so that you may receive benchmark reminders. Speicifically? Our Youth Services Department may revert back to the "Traveling Box" of story times. I think that these would be great tools in putting a box together and even making sure that the boxes travel according to the schedule we set up.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thing 19: Other Social Networks

Whoops! I have managed to skip Thing 19. It's Monday! ("And everybody works on Monday" says Kevin Kline as "Dave.")

SO...THAT being said, although I am not yet a member of any other social network beyond Myspace and Facebook, I definitely intend on joining Flixster because I like movies. A lot. And I can associate it with my Myspace account, which will make it easier. That's one of my gripes. I love social networking and online tools because I'm a product of the Internet generation (despite the fact that I'm on the older end). However, the number of accounts you have to create is getting a little long-winded and extensive. That said, I DID join Gather as well, and I look forward to honing in on my librarian sense by joining "What's on my bookshelf" - I think that this will be a very helpful tool in my career!

So? What are YOUR thoughts? Any suggestions?

Thing 20: Book 2.0

Before I begin, I thought I'd state an observation I made while reading the introduction to this Thing. NEFLIN states: "We know there has been much ... worry about when and how people read, the future of the printed book, and our role in libraries in both of those debates.... While some say the Internet is making us stupid, other think it is not." Hmmm...I can't help but wonder what debate and worry there was in the past when new technologies came about? Seriously. What happened when Gutenberg developed the Printing Press? Or better yet and more controversial, when Americans rebeled and taught slaves to read? SURE, there were people who said, wait a minute...this isn't such a great idea. If people read something produced by this printing press, perhaps they'll wise up and rebel against the establishment, or simply just start thinking for themselves. Oh, the horror! So sure, technology can be a scary thought, but we'll acclimate, and people will never stop needing resources and live help and tutoring using new technology. Hopefully, I'll be able to take my own advice as I progress.

What are you observing in your library about books and reading?
I intrepreted this question a few different ways. Directly speaking, as the Youth Services librarian at my branch, I answer/assist with questions and requests for school assignments. For example, I had a young man ask me for ANY science fiction OR mystery the other day. Could you BE any broader? I think one of the most popular assignments is the Histrical Fiction. These are actually interesting to me. It drives me crazy when patrons -- parents especially -- stick to the designated list, such as Accelerated Reader (AR) and SSYRA. I'm sure they're great books, but they are mandated by the adults, and kids will be a little more disinclined if they can invest their interest. I think that BOOk 2.0 can help expand a child's/teen's world.

Do you think these Book 2.0 tools hamper or enhance one's reading experience?
OK, taking the "Youth Services Librarian" perspective yet again, I think that these tools will enhance the reading experience. Our kids are so plugged in to the computer that these tools may help encourage them to read because these tools speak to them. On one hand, the older generations that come to our branch say that they could never replace the feel of a book in their hand. It seems as though the kids can't replace the feel of a machine (cell phone, iPod, etc.). And yet, so many of our patrons seem to love the portability of audiobooks as well. I can see this as being very successful.

Which of the sites/tools did you visit? What are they appealing features? Any features seem unnecessary or just there "because"?

I am familiar with WorldCat as it is a part of the database services that SJCPLS offers.

LookyBook explains that it's over. Maybe I'm wrong. Please tell me if I am.

Storyline opens up as a "Page cannot be displayed" error message. Too bad. I was really excited about that! I think it's neat when celebrities endorse literacy!

Looking forward to exploring "Just One More Book" because it presents books in the podcast format.

And of course, I look forward to the Vintage Books websites because this subject fascinates me!

Do you know of other tools around books and reading we should know about?
Nothing comes to mind as of yet. This is something I enjoy exploring because it's so new to me. Therefore, the plethora of sites NEFLIN has provided will be enough for now.... Mmmm, I kinda take that back. I'll also post this on the NEFLIN blogspot, but I'm rather fond of RECESS, a program sponsored by the Center for Children's Literature and Culture, which is sponsored by the Department of English at the University of Florida. It is cofounded by Drs. John Cech and Kenneth Kidd as well as Curator and Librarian Rita Smith. They are on hiatus, but they have plans to post excerpts as podcasts, etc. I'm very excited about this!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thing 18: Facebook and Myspace

Yes, I have an account. Find me by searching my first and last names. And yes, I am a member of several groups ... Hogwarts, Gators, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc. As to whyit may be the fastest growing social network, I'm really not sure, but I am eager to see what others have to say as for reasoning. For me, My space is to young, so the ".edu" reasoning for "Young Adults" makes sense, and I can completely understand why college students would be upset if this was opened up to the "general public." the reputation deserved? Well...on one hand, t's easy to use and it's one tool that allows my generation to keep in touch with each other. On the other hand, I've heard others who are NOT of my generation argue that it doesn't allow you to be outside or have LIVE contact with these same people, etc. etc. Go figure. Welcome technology.

Libraries use Myspace as a means to communicate with teens and children. It is a way to publicize and promote activities, programs, and services. Teens and kids can become "friends" with your library's account and follow along. The library can even send out event invitations as a reminder. On top of that, this is a cool way of getting pictures of programs up to share. You can then associate someone's account (ask permission!) so that they have easy access to it as well. As far as I am concerned, I still have a Myspace account (thought MS is going out of style) simply b/c I have musician friends who use this platform to promote their music, and this is one means by which I can support them. This is another thing we can use with our teens...get them to associate the music with our page or create other programs that open other's eye to new songs, musicians, and styles.

PS: OK, those of you who are not much into High School Reunions, please don't laugh! I went onto Facebook last night and found out that our Senior Class Pres, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer created a Class of '99 Reunion group. YAY!

Monday, March 16, 2009


If you have a Flickr account, you can add people to your list of contacts and peruse their photo album(s). I'd like to add other people to my account so that we can share pictures. If you're interested in this, please send me your username or registered name, or find me under my name or username (LibrarianLyss).

Thanks! =-D